Thursday, February 25, 2016

Joan Lock

Today marks five years since my Joan died.    We had 46 wonderful years together.  Miss her every day.

A few pics of our time together. Click to enlarge
From Bridgetown, Yogyakarta, Agde (France),Bali and Penang


Unknown said...

I was in a quilting group with Joan, and benefitted from her advice many times. We all miss her.Every Christmas we send a donation to cancer research in her memory. Sheila Maslen

Anonymous said...

thank you for your kind comments. It is wonderful that the group still remembers Joan.

My regards,


Anonymous said...

Kev, I have just read your blog today. So so sorry that I didn't remember The date/ Those pics of Joan bring back so many great memories. You will always miss Joan every day.. I miss Had as if it were yesterday. Time doesn't heal. Yo u just have to keep going because of the family but weren't we lucky to have had so many happy years together before they left us, Lots of people never experience that. Marg

David Bahr said...

Belated condolences Kevin. As I said a few posts earlier today, my visits reading your news are infrequent. Keep on blogging. DAVID