Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Post war ramblings

My father was a skilled carpenter/builder and just after WW2 finished, my parents bought a housing block in the suburb of Bicton for £30.0.0.  Dad went on to build our family house, finishing in 1947.  Building materials were scarce after the war and parts of the house and Dad’s workshop were completed as materials became available again.

A few days ago I was looking through family memorabilia in a bit of a nostalgic trip and found an old newspaper advert for kitchen cupboards.   I recognised the cupboards as being the same as the ones in our family home.  Dad had copied the arrangement and built his own.  I remember helping him with the glueing of the frames.  The glue back then was animal glue and I was the glue boy who had to be very quick at poking glue in the dowel holes as Dad clamped them together.  Animal glue had to be used hot and fluid.  I do not recall any of the glue joints failing even up to the time we sold the house circa 1998.
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