Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Honour among thieves?

A friend, Joy, had her purse stolen from a shopping trolley in a store at a large shopping centre.  She only realised it was gone when she fronted up to the cash register to pay for her purchases.
She immediately cancelled her bank cards and tried to remember what other details one does keep in a purse or wallet.  I don’t offhand know all the cards etc I have in my wallet. 
Yesterday she received a parcel from Australia Post’s Returned Mail Office containing her purse, minus the cash, her bank cards and drivers licence.  She enquired with Australia Post as to how her purse became returned mail.  It seems that opportunistic theft of purses and wallets is mainly to get cash and credit cards.  The rest is often dropped into an Australia Post mailbox and when sorted is dispatched to any address on ID in the purse.

Joy has already sourced a new driver’s licence card and her bank cards will take a few days to arrive.

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