Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hiri Motu

Some 18 years ago when I was still teaching, I was rounding up 13 years at Willetton SHS in Western Australia.  I had occasion to be in the front office when a family came to enrol their son.  I could see and hear that they were Motuans from the Central District of Papua.  I had learned a pidgin version of their language called Hiri Motu and in the crowded office I said loudly.  Umui be daika...Lau be Kerema tauna.  (who are you..I am a man from Kerema).  The family looked around for a dark skinned male but couldn’t see one.  I introduced myself and met the lad who was enrolling, Hane Nou.    I retired and Hane finished high school.    His father was in W.A. doing a PHD at a local university.  When he finished his PHD they all, except Hane, went back to Papua New Guinea.

I taught Hane in my last years at WSHS.  Hane is still here in W.A. and we are to catch up next month.

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