Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the born loser

Just lately I am thinking that I qualify for the born loser badge. I still haven't set up my DVD recorder to transfer old BetaCord tapes to DVD. My cousin who is a Techo has had an unsuccessful attempt to do it and gave up.

I saw a analogue to digital converter for sale on eBay and bought it for $85.00. It arrived yesterday and bugger me that also won't work as it should. After three or four hours of fiddling I managed to record sound and motion, but it was scrambled and heavily pixelated. Fortunately the bloke who had it up for auction made an immediate refund and I posted it back to his Melbourne address this morning.

The next move with the DVD recorder is to take it into the big Sony store near us and let them see if it is just me or there really is something wrong with it. Times like these....and only times like these, I wish we had a 15 year old grandson.

Our daughter Helen wishes to remain at her current school next year, but as she hasn't gained permanency yet her boss cannot do anything to help. Appointments are made from Silver City (education HQ). She rang the District Office and someone there said that her boss can recommend her. Conflicting opinions! Helen is putting the heavies on me to ring a colleague in Staffing to find out what the real story is. Neil taught as the same high school with me...or did I teach with him? Anyway, I should be able to get some info from the horse's mouth. A progress report later.

Kevin wrote this post, not Joan.


Paul Weaver said...

It's election time - maybe she should ring her MP?

Team McKibbin said...

Wow, is it really that difficult to connect-up a Beta and a DVD recorder? Woulda thought RCA's - no? Cheers Kev.

Kev said...

The connection is quite simple, it's the setting up of the recording and transfer to DVD that hasn't worked. The manual for this Machine is 138 pages which could well have been written in Cantonese.