Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grumpy old people

Over the last few days I have noticed that there are a few grumps amongst my family and friends. Most of the time there is reason to be a bit offside about things and sometimes a bit of yelling is a good release of pent up frustrations.

I have a friend who has problems with supermarkets and their specials. He claims that advertised specials are not available when he fronts up to buy them even in the early mornings. He says that the specials (promotions by the suppliers) are out the back, but not displayed on shelves until the special offers are over, thus reaping profits at the expense of customers. He often lets them know about it too. Loudly!

My wife Joan, normally unruffled by supermarkets, came home cranky because Woolworths were relaying ( a ruse to get shoppers to see different products whilst searching ) their shelves. Nobody knew where the beef stock was and they weren't too helpful with suggestions. She says she walked each aisle at least 3 times. I guess that's what self-serve is about.

Brother Graham took his motor scooter battery back to the supplier under warranty and was told that as he hadn't used the scooter for 4 wintry weeks the warranty was void. Say what!? He rang the agent supplying the battery who through a few questions deduced that the scooter was made in China (isn't everything?) and that was the reason it didn't make it past 11 months. The battery itself was made in Taiwan. Graham was more than a bit vocal.

Another friend doesn't like being in supermarket checkout queues when there are other registers without checkout chicks working and tells them so.

I, myself, did a somewhat stupid thing today and roundly cursed myself. I have been bidding on eBay for a number of laptops for a teacher's daughter. They were all from the same seller and I carefully read the description of all but the one I won. Leading up to the finish of the auction I reread the details of the one it seemed that I had a good chance of winning.....'Condition Poor'. I won it and will have to refurbish it and resell it. I might lose a bit of money. Bugger!

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Paul Weaver said...

I'm glad I don't complain about stuff.