Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The look-see in my digestive tract went well. I have a small Hiatus Hernia at the entrance to my stomach which is not a real problem. Joan drove me home from the hospital and I was very tired and had a nice two hour nap. Today I am still tired, but figure that tomorrow should see me back to normal. The anaesthetist told me that he was giving me two small doses of anaesthetics. He said that after the Gastroscopy he would talk to me and give me the second shot before the Endoscopy. I did wake up and a nurse was at my side and she informed me that it was all over: missed that second conversation somewhere.

I don't know how it happened but I am back collecting computers for an overseas project. The workshop is filling up with older Macs which are suitable for the English language programme I am installing. As people hear what I am doing they offer their machines up. Many have been superseded and reside in a back shed. The only cost involved in these oldies is a P Ram battery at about $10., although I imagine these batteries in Thailand will be considerably cheaper. The P Ram (PRAM) battery controls things like time and date and such things as printer selection. The battery is not terribly important if you are not concerned about date and time and can manually select a printer each time you wish to print.
At the moment I have 11 Macs in the shed with another three promised.

Something that I can't work out is how I have amassed a heap of power cables from computers. If you need a jug cord come over and take a pick.

Today I had a phone call from the TEAC agent in Perth. The software update to enable our set-top box to receive channel 9 was ready. A $5 fuel trip and a 15 minute wait and it was all fixed. I am still amazed that there has not been a press report about channel 9 changing their broadcast settings and thus shutting out hundreds of people trying to watch their broadcast in Digital TV.

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