Friday, August 8, 2008

Nightclub violence

I talked with my cousin Val today. She was very upset because her grandson had been viciously attacked in Northbridge and is to have surgery to reconstruct his cheekbones and insert plates into his skull. He was attending a 21st birthday party at a function room above a nightclub in Northbridge. He is 18, doesn't drink and gets bored pretty easily when others around him get a bit intoxicated. He and a couple of his mates left early and upon hitting the footpath encountered a group of young blokes blocking the path. They attempted to move through the mob and were abused and he was king hit from behind and went down on his knees. A second blow put him on the ground and a few kicks to the head did all the damage. Fortuitously a couple of the boys in blue were only about 50 yards away and arrested two blokes for GBH. Grandson spent some time in hospital.

The mates of the attackers claimed that they didn't start the whole thing and so Crime Stoppers and the police asked Channel 7 to do an interview to see if more witnesses could be found. As it happens, several witnesses phoned Crime Stoppers and there was no need to screen the interview. The cops believe they have enough evidence to win in court.

Currently running on TV is a dramatised Public Service Announcement about such incidents. New legislation is being drafted to come down heavily on 'One Punch' deaths of which there have been a number over the last few years. Fortunately at age 68, my clubbing days are over.

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Lisa said...

I'm very sorry to read about your cousin's grandson. When I go out I see violence constantly and I swear I sometimes feel like I'm losing respect for the human race.

However, I've seen some cities that are actually requiring nightclubs to connect to one another using what they call a Club Watch Community Connection system. Based on their website endorsements and the times I've actually seen it at clubs it seems to be pretty effective at preventing violence and other problems.

You can check it out here:

Hopefully he is well on his way to full recovery by now.