Thursday, August 14, 2008

Georgian conflict

The Sudetenland

Older readers and historians probably know a bit about the Sudetenland: a part of Germany annexed to Czechoslovakia with a large German speaking population mostly loyal to the Mother Country. Hitler used that loyalty to force Britain & France to agree to turn a blind eye to his repossession. Along with the territory regained, Czechoslovakia lost most of its mountain defensive positions and when Adolph later invaded Czechoslovakia the Czechs had little defence opportunities.

The current situation in Georgia where an independent Georgia has a couple of provinces with largely Russian citizens wanting to be back with Mother Russia parallels the Sudetenland.

The nice western-looking President of Georgia, Mikheil Saaskashvili apparently decided to give the separatist in the provinces of South Ossetia and Abkahasia a bit of a pasting . Silly man; he should have read up on his history. Of course the Russians retaliated and Pres quickly called for a cease fire and talks. Georgia has the ‘support’ of the U.S. but I doubt that they want to try their military against the Russians.. Let’s hope George doesn’t do more than a bit of bluster.

I am predicting that the Russians will want to do a ‘Sudetenland’ on those two Georgian provinces.

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