Sunday, August 10, 2008

Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy

I am booked in tomorrow at SJOG Hospital at Murdoch for both a Colonoscopy and a Gastroscopy; which means that doc is going to have a look down and up inside me. I have had them before and they have not been unpleasant; in fact I find it amazing that as the anaesthetist slips a little needle in the back of my hand and I ask him 'how long will I be out' he explains that it was all over an hour ago.

Just a few minutes ago Joan read the instructions ( I thought I had done that already) and it seems that I shouldn't have been eating any solids over the last 24 hours as well as no milk, milk products,pips or seeds,stock cubes and food colouring. Oops.

The worst part about this procedure is the clean-out. There is a foul tasting brew to be drunk causing diarrhoea. For me I start this evening at 6pm by drinking a litre of this stuff, then another litre at 7pm and then another litre at 7am tomorrow morning. If the discharge is not clear yellow I take another litre at 8am. I am due at the hospital at 12.30pm well and truly flushed out.

The reason for this procedure is that my father died of a secondary cancer of the liver which originated in his bowel.

8.25pm Update. I have almost downed two litres of the muck and watched Joan devour a lovely Thai chicken curry whilst I fast. She is drinking her third glass of Bubbly (Binge Drinker!) as I make dashes to the toilet. Not sure what is going to happen at bed time. Oops time to dash again. Promise to wash my hands thoroughly before typing more.

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Paul Weaver said...

I look forward to hearing from you when when you recover. Cheers, Paul.