Thursday, January 22, 2009

Australia Day

Australia Day is looming and along with that is the flag business. Each year the flag is promoted and cars and trucks are flying Australian flags (all made in China). I get a bad feeling about mass flags. In military parades different flags representing different units seems OK to me, but masses of a nation's flag sends Nuremberg shivers up my spine.

Joan bought some doughnut peaches and I tried a couple....brilliant! They are easy to eat, freestone and taste good. If that is an example of genetic manipulation, bring it on!

I have spent a couple of days servicing, cleaning and polishing our son's car. He has given it to me to sell. He was supposedly paying off traffic fines to keep his drivers licence, but has not made a payment for months and the boys in blue came and took his licence away. They are also issuing a summons for driving without a licence so he figures he wont be needing a car for at least a year. There is sure to be a substantial fine as well. I wonder who will pay that?

Martin has decided to do a draughting course at TAFE. If he is accepted he will train and bus to Leederville TAFE from Kwinana. Would have been easier with a car.

We are thankful that Australia has a good medical benefits scheme. Joan filled our current scripts yesterday and the total for a month's pharmaceuticals for the two of us was $42.40. The real cost was $334.51. Additionally, once we reach the safety net of $318.00, all scripts are free. We usually reach that amount by October. In the pic below you can see the real cost of my 80mg Lipitor.

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Anonymous said...

Were those peaches crossed with a jellyfish or a cow pat?