Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Brother

Today I was trolling through blogs through the 'next blog' tab on Blogger and came across an American family who are into shooting the watsaname out of deer. At the top of their blog is a sort of counter which shows who has been looking at their blog and all the details of their ISP and indeed the computer system and browser used. Ours showed up.

If that information is easily seen, then all those people who are accessing naughty stuff should be worried. So if you are into devious stuff on the internet, open your computer case, take out the hard drive, find out where Main Roads is doing highway repairs and surreptitiously toss the HD under a road roller, go to a computer shop and buy a new one and install your Operating System again. If you don't know how to do that, then start worrying.

Our daughter Helen has not yet been offered a school for next year. She has been in the system for a few years now and is a bit jacked off that she doesn't know what school she will be offered for the 2009 school year. It could be a bogan school with lots of anti-establishment parents and kids that usually appear on 'The Nanny' on TV. The appointments are as late as a couple of days before the school year. So she is applying for an executive type job with one of Australia's big players; Kerry Stokes. Her resume reads very well and she has a shoe-in having met Stoke's Employment Officer socially a few days ago. Go Hel!


I have recently ordered a couple of black cartridges to suit my HP Photosmart D5360 printer from Hong Kong. The best price I could find in Australia was $29.95 plus postage.
The HK price was $1.25 each and $9.00 postage for two carts. I shall report on the quality of the print. Our HP photosmart printer has a warning message when I refill the cartridges with bulk ink...'It appears that you have used a fake cartridge' or something similar.

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