Friday, January 30, 2009

Fine Dining

Last night we all dined in the Palm Court dining room and very swish it is too. Five star service and great food. We were sat at a large table and were joined by another five diners. Katherine introduced us to them and we were told that they were on an organised trip done through RSPV an on-line dating/matchmaking .org.

There were in total around 20 RSVPers but it seemed that the majority were under 25 years of age and these five grouped together to commiserate at the lack of potential partners. Of course the introductions around the table turned to ‘where do you come from?’ One of the RSPVers wearing a distinctive red blouse, told us that she came from W.A. and Dorothy announced that they also came from W.A. Then they matched suburbs and to top it off Dorothy had thought of buying the red blouse that the woman had bought from a boutique at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. Small world!

This morning it is windy and overcast. The ocean looks like it is running about a three metre swell. It would be rough going with a small boat, but our ship is managing well with a slight roll. This weather should keep all those body beautiful show-offs indoors or at the gym.

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Anonymous said...

I just checked the cruisecam. Ar you sure you are heading for a tropical paradise and not Antarctica? How much is a can of Coke?