Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kilroy and Foo were both there!

During WW2 Kilroy appeared everywhere U.S. troops were stationed; even in battlefields. His Australian cousin was Foo. They looked identical and were usually depicted peering over a wall.

Kilroy is even engraved into the wall at the WW2 Memorial in Washington DC.
There is a movement in the U.S. to have the U.S. Postal service strike a ‘Kilroy was here’ stamp. Patrick Tillery is pushing for the postage stamp, but has not yet been successful. Maybe next year we will see something like this on letters from the U.S.?
Wikipedia has a story on Kilroy and his cousins here.

We have Magpies back again. There is one young fella who makes a very loud noise when he wants to be fed. He can fly well and is bigger that his mother and can eat himself, but it seems that mum won’t let him and she still feeds him. Maybe this is some precaution against him eating something potentially bad until he knows what’s what?
How do I know it is a He? Because he reminds me of our son who still gets sustenance from us at the age of 37.

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