Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NavMan GPS

Sister Shirley flew back to Esperance this morning. I always panic a little getting her to the airport on time. Even though it is only about a twenty minute drive most times; at 8am, peak traffic makes it a bit dodgy on the freeway. I decided to travel on the highway rather than the freeway and we made it in plenty of time. As we passed over the freeway at Canning Bridge we could see that it was a parking lot.

Shirl used one of our cars with a NavMan GPS device and she loved it and has asked me to get one for her down at Esperance. Esperance is quite a big place and if one is a bit dithery, NavMan is well worth having. But I reckon she just wants to show off to the grandkids.

Helen, our daughter is starting to panic about a teaching position for the 2009 year. She rang this morning asking me to contact a friend in staffing at the Dept. I am a little hesitant to put on him as we rarely talk and I haven't actually met up with him in about 15 years. Might put it off until tomorrow in the hope that she receives a posting in today's mail.

Joan and I never argue and for the 43 years of our marriage have had very few bad words. There is just one thing that is a little competition between us and that is the placement of the paper towel roll on the stand. The stand was given to me by an ex-student who was brain damaged in a car accident. Anyway, when I see that the paper towel has finished I get to place it on the holder with the leader on the right hand side.....makes sense, both of us are right handed! Joan on the other hand prefers to tear the towel from the left?? I haven't dared flip the roll over when she has put the new roll on.

This morning we received a call from the travel agent who booked our South Pacific cruise leaving Sydney on the 28th January. She rang to offer us an upgrade of a much better cabin at a cost of $100 each. We took the offer. I reckon there are people a lot smarter than us who realised that January is the South Pacific cyclone season and decided not to book a cruise at this time and thus the availability of more cabins?

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