Friday, January 9, 2009

IT stuff

One of our local free newspapers did a story on my efforts to distribute free computers to locals. The reporter talked with me at length and I gave him my contact details and sat back waiting for the phone calls to come....nothing! I went and picked up a paper at the local shopping centre and the article was pretty accurate, but no contact details. When I rang them they apologised and muttered something about their policy of not giving out phone numbers to all and sundry. They seemed reluctant to do another short follow-up, so I asked if they would print a letter to the editor which included my contact details and it seems that that will be OK. So I wrote to the editor thanking him for the article and mentioning that I still have lots of free computers and people interested could call me on our phone number. We'll see if it works.

I did get two phone calls about the computers; one from the office of the Federal Member for Fremantle. She is supposedly interested in local efforts like this and will write me a letter of thanks. I'd like her to take a couple of computers. The other phone call was from a lady who wanted me to collect an old PC. I agreed to collect it and although the PC is rather old and slow the monitor and attached speakers are very nice.

Today I received the two black ink cartridges I ordered from Hong Kong. They work well and are just a fraction of the price of originals here in Aus. Total cost including postage was $11.59. Best price I could find in Aus. was $29 each plus postage.

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