Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daewoo for sale

Joan is out in her new car this morning. It isn’t red, but it is a great car fully optioned (is that how you say it?)with lots of high tech gadgetry which will take a while for we oldies to become familiar with.

I have finished preparing one of our cars for sale and it sits on the front lawn, shiny and beautiful...just like a dog that you want to give away, but snuggles up and licks you. I haven’t had a single call from the advert I placed in today’s paper. Too expensive at $5,000, or is it that second hand Korean cars are hard to sell? Probably both.
2003 Daewoo Nubira

The Australian Prime Minister has just announced that her government (if re-elected) will follow the U.S. model of giving $2,000 ‘Cash for Clunkers’ to everyone who upgrades their old pre 1995 car to a new ‘green’ vehicle. The name of the scheme is similar to the U.S. one except the U.S. was stimulating the car industry and the Aus scheme is aimed at reducing emissions (or winning votes). Most folks driving a pre 1995 car are unlikely to suddenly take $2,000 and buy an approved car costing between $13,000 - $40,000. She aint gettin my ‘92 Mazda 929 for two grand!


Jenny said...

You could always get the new car painted red by a body shop :)

Sergey said...

new 2003? )