Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A visit from the U.S.

Joan's sister Dorothy and hubby Mike have their daughter Katherine visiting from the U.S.. She brought her new man Rick and he impresses as a nice bloke. He is a doctor (dermatologist) who works for the U.S. Army. Not sure if he is in the army or just working for it. Katherine has a top level job with Price Waterhouse in San Franscisco.
Katherine, Dorothy, Joan, Kev and Mike

Joan is having a bad run with Chemotherapy. Apart from all the physical crap she has to put up with, she has completely lost her appetite. We have tried lots of recommendations from medical sites and patient forums. We are to buy some Ginger Tea today to see if that lives up to the claims of improving appetite. Since diagnosis Joan has lost almost 20kg

Joan, is an avid reader and I am thankful that even in the midst of all this she can still enjoy a book. It is as though she is transported out of chemoland temporarily.

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Fremantlebiz said...

They are nice pics of Joan.