Friday, July 23, 2010

No red car for Joan

Haddon’s funeral went as well as could be expected with his friend Dennis reading the eulogy which brought back memories of his life and adventures peppered with humorous anecdotes. The wake was held in their semi-tropical ‘Bali’ back yard.

Joan has been going through a tough period and had to stop the Xeloda chemo three days short of the round, because of severe damage to her hands and feet. We hope that her appetite will return over the week before seeing the oncologist again. She is to have a CT scan next Thursday in preparation for the oncologist’s review of her treatment.

Joan’s new red car is, it seems, out of the question due to lack of supplies from Europe. She has agreed to take a silver model and the dealer is rushing the preparation, licencing and insuring of it so she can take possession today after 4pm. I hope that will cheer her up somewhat as the last couple of weeks have been decidedly unpleasant.

The scan results will give us an indication as to whether the Xeloda is worth all the pain and misery; not that the man will give us much choice in the matter of treatment.

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Anonymous said...

I once had a friend who owned a white baby Fiat. He reckoned he only polished the bonnet because that was the only part of the car he could see when he was driving. I reckon Joan will soon learn to love her new silver car. Cheers, Paul Weaver :)