Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winter blues

It's wet and cold here. It seems like only a few weeks ago I was looking forward to winter; being able to rug up and feel warm near a heater, but the reality of it is quite different.....bring on summer! Don't know how we would survive in a place that really feels winter. Ours is quite mild really, with minimums of around 1 or 2 degrees Celsius at worst.

On Friday we attended St John's in Subiaco for a consultation with the oncologist and a top up of rat poison at the Ivy Suite. Joan's bloods were perfect: good liver and kidney function, but the CEA ( the blood tumour marker) had risen again. It was a small rise, but a rise.

We asked for more details from the last CT scan report and he gave us a photocopy. That scan was on June 16th and another scan is due in a couple of weeks. The report noted that there are small differences in some of the tumours in the is slightly larger and one smaller. It doesn't mention anything about the bowel cancer. Once again it suggests that the 'small irregular non-descriptive peripheral aspect of left lung may well represent a benign cause'. or in layman's terms..that lump might not be cancer. The report suggests that this is a Stable Disease.

Our daughter Helen is today returning from a week in Melbourne. While she was away, I took her car for some TLC. I have 'repaired' a rear mudguard scrape she had and replaced a broken rear light. Painting comes next...not my forte. I guess age is catching up with me as I have lost the key to her car which also has the remote and immobiliser attached. So, we will loan her one of our vehicles until I either find the key or re-key the whole lot. Bugger!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the key was left in the toolbox when you fixed stuff? Or it is on the bench or shelf near where you got/put the tools and were distracted? It will probably be in an obvious pace when you find it. LOL.