Friday, August 13, 2010

Back on the heavy stuff

This morning we had a 10am appointment with the oncologist. There were a few sad stories in the waiting room. One woman was in the last stages of whatever cancer was consuming her being. It was not good for Joan to observe.

When we got in he reviewed the last week and the blood tests showed that the Blood Tumour Marker, the CEA, had doubled. Oh shit!

He assured us that the disease was still termed a stable disease, but the CEA indicated that the current chemo regime is not doing its job. He decided to revert to a different combo of Avastin, Xeloda plus the nasty Oxaliplatin. We will just have to put up with the side effects if we are to see any improvement. The infusion was to take three hours and I decided to go away and wait for Joan's phone call to come and collect her.

On the way home I decided to buy some casserole steak and make a curry which we haven't had since Joan's diagnosis due to her lack of appetite. It will be ready when she gets back home, but I fear she will not be able to eat any of it.

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