Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Damn this disease

Yesterday we went to see a Psychologist/Hypnotherapist in the hope that he may be able to trick Joan’s brain into thinking that food does actually smell nice, taste nice and not have the texture of wet cotton wool.

He was located at a an upmarket commercial centre named Chelsea Village and the large carpark looked like a saleyard for BMWs, Mercedes, Jags etc. I waited outside for the hour session and when we were back in the car asked Joan if she had been successfully hypnotised. She was not sure as he had not done any of the regular hypno moves.

Later I was concerned that he had just given her a one-hour counselling session, so emailed him to see if he had actually hypnotised her.

He replied...

Kevin: Yes, however Joan was not sure she was able to respond fully. I think when I send her the personalized recording she will "experience more" with practice and get the benefit she needs.

Joan: here is the link for some helpful hypnotic recordings to start now doing daily. I will send you your personalized recording within 48hours.

Seems like the stage show hypnotists are either all BS or they are better at getting instant results.

We will download Joan’s ‘personal’ recording and load it on her iPod. Worth a try!

This morning she is very sick...even so, she is doing some washing and paying bills online. She has just decided that bed is best for her today.

Damn this disease.


Bernie said...

Thinking of Joan today, I am so sorry she is feeling so ill and yes I agree with you Kevin, damn this disease.....she certainly doesn't deserve it. Keeping you both in my thoughts....:-)Hugs from Canada

Anonymous said...

hugs from Marg also, i hope this does work, dont give up! (: