Monday, August 2, 2010

North American holiday

Cousin Ted and I went to collect our daughter's car and aimed at at least reducing the bill for a wrongly diagnosed fault. The repairer was having nothing of it and after some argument, I paid the $1400+ for a job that didn't cure the problem. 'Not our fault that what we thought was the problem was not!' As we left he said 'see you later'....not bloody likely.

The car had been sitting for almost a week and the cylinders were pretty well full of oil when I drove off. It was about 10 kilometres before the oil and dense blue/white smoke had dissipated. I was extremely embarrassed driving in traffic looking like an oil refinery on fire.

Tomorrow I will drive to Malaga to talk with another wrecker/repairer who has come up with a much better price for an engine replacement. The exact model of car and engine has to be determined as this vehicle was privately imported from Britain to Australia and the european designation is not the same as vehicles destined for Australia.

This afternoon we had a visit from friends Marg and Brian who have just returned from an extended holiday in North America. Good to hear from them about their adventures in the U.S. and Canada. We have travelled to quite a few places around the world, but North America is, for us, probably the easiest country to navigate in...apart from driving on the wrong side of the road.

Joan's CT scan tomorrow morning and the Onco on Friday. Hoping for some encouraging results to make the burden of chemotherapy worthwhile.

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