Friday, August 6, 2010

Bad results from CT scan

This afternoon we attended the oncologist. It was not a good result. The lung 'tumours' which previously had been described as possibly not tumours had grown. The liver tumours were still as before in static mode. The tumour blood marker has risen and the Oncologist was a bit puzzled as to what to do next. Joan has another week without chemo and just a one week dose of Avastin which is supposed to stop new tumour blood vessels developing.

We were both devastated with this result...especially with the oncologist's seemingly lack of direction.

We have another week of no chemo and the onco will look at the scans rather than relying on the report faxed to him. Don't think that will change anything.

Heavy times.


Greg said...

Heavy times indeed.

Maybe it's an aberation, a rogue poll? Steady, ol' heart of oak.

You're in our thoughts.


Anonymous said...

We share your anguish- Paul and Jill.