Thursday, September 16, 2010

A difficult decision

Joan is still losing lots of and then out. The oncologist visited this afternoon before I arrived at the hospital and stated matter of factly that the tumours have indication of how much or which ones. He has a great bedside manner..NOT!

As I left to come home, Joan told me to be prepared for the decision to forgo further chemotherapy. We will try radiotherapy; not external beam radiation, but the irradiated particle infusion type.

Joan is not prepared to spend the time that is left in a chemo hell. We will discuss the options we have left when we next visit him.

The doctors suggest that Joan will not be well enough to be discharged until next week sometime.


Anonymous said...

It's a tough dilemma Kevin. I think about how both of you are going every day.

Bernie said...

I know you both are doing the best you can and that is all that can be expected......such tough decisions ahead of you both. Keeping Joan in my heart and prayers.....:-)Hugs