Sunday, September 12, 2010


Joan is still venting from both ends. She cannot even sip water without vomiting.

The oncologist visited whilst I was at the hospital and he ordered two X-Rays be taken; of her abdomen and chest. When the results came back, he told her that she had inflammation of the small intestine and stopped all food for two days.

She had her gall bladder removed some 15 years ago and without food she is getting painful gas and very loud stomach gurgling. My guess is that the liver is still producing acid and it is attacking Joan rather than doing its job on food. A different duty oncologist will see her today.

They are continually infusing fluid and at this time she has had about 3 litres and still more to come. More blood tests today.

She has had a very bad night and I will visit her with our son around 10am. Daughter Helen visited yesterday afternoon and a nurse told her she shouldn't come again until her cold was better.


Bernie said...

Please remember me to Joan. I am keeping her in my heart and prayers. I do hope she will be able to come home soon, she has been through so much.....:-)Hugs

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with you both. Call in here anytime Kevin for a bit of spell and a cuppa if you wish.

Kind wishes, Paul.