Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soon to be discharged

Joan is disconnected from the IV machine. No more potassium drip, no more antibiotics etc. She is now on 'soft foods' and able to eat quite well. She should be able to come home on either Monday or Tuesday

The oncologist has visited and suggested a few possibilities......radiation, surgery and a milder chemo. We are scheduled to see him in another week to discuss his suggestions. We will also be asking about a prognosis on each treatment and also one without any more intervention. The surgery would be on the primary bowel tumour. The radiation would be for the liver tumours of approximately 30 in number. I am guessing the chemo would be just to try and keep the tumours dormant...something that the current heavyweight stuff hasn't been doing. Can only hope.

Joan's recovery has been slow, but treatment was methodical. She has many bruises from IV ports, blood sampling and antibiotic injections. She has fluid retention in her feet and legs which should dissipate now that she can walk around. As soon as she comes home I will get her pushing a lawnmower to speed up her recovery. Just joshing!

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fremantlebiz said...

Good to read the Joan is feeling a little better Kevin.

Kind wishes to both of you, Paul.