Friday, September 10, 2010

Hospital for my Joan

Joan slept for 12.5 hours and when she got up this morning she immediately vomited the small glass full of water and her anti-nausea tablet. After that effort she returned to bed with the spins and almost no strength to walk.

I decided to ring the oncologist and after explaining what was happening he told me to bring her into the hospital to be admitted to do a full blood, urine and stool analysis and give her some intravenous fluids. When we arrived the onco's secretary had already made a booking of a single room in the general wing of the hospital and Joan is to be transferred to the oncology wing when a room becomes available.

A very efficient Asian nurse did all the necessary paperwork and called a doctor to start things. He introduced himself as Mohammad and in a heavy accent asked lots of questions about medications and treatment and previous illnesses. He then looked at Joan and said 'Why are you here?' I am guessing that it was 'lost in the translation' because it didn't sound good. Never-the-less things are starting to move, albeit slowly. When a nurse took the blood samples she asked if she was to mark them urgent. He said 'No'. Today being Friday I guess we may not get a result until Monday. He did however tell us that he was changing her anti nausea and anti gastro medications. Let's hope that does some good.

I left Joan and drove home. Coincidentally, as I was driving, a small white car raced up behind me and when I looked in the rear vision mirror I saw it was a delivery vehicle for a well-know auto parts company. The driver was a woman wearing a Hijab. Usually these delivery vehicles are driven by young blonde gals. Strange, but not bad at all.


Jenny said...

Poor Joan. What a very tough time. I am so sorry it is not going well. Hopefully a stay in the hospital with fluids and IV nutrition will give for the necessary boost. Much love

Bernie said...

Please tell Joan I am thinking of her and wishing her well. I do hope they will manage a way so that she can receive some much needed nutrition. Keeping her in my heart and prayers.....:-)Hugs