Wednesday, September 15, 2010

reinserting a PICC line

We have just had a bit of a setback with Joan's recovery in hospital. She has been told that her Potassium levels are dangerously low and that as they are having trouble with veins they have decided to insert a PICC line again. This will be done this afternoon some time and that will allow all the fluids to be administered and later the chemotherapy drugs.

She is, of course, not very chuffed at this, but the alternative is not pretty.

I will visit her around 6pm this evening.


Bernie said...

The PICC line may be a blessing in disguise.....hopefully she will receive nutrition she badly needs right now. Keeping her in my heart and prayers always.....:-) Hugs

Jenny said...

I second Bernie's comment. And am very glad that Joan is so much better than a couple of days ago. Sitting up reading is good news:)

paul smith said...

Thanks for sharing