Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Boab Tree

This morning I had an appointment with our financial advisor.   He is a  partner in a large firm, and we have been with him for more than twenty years. We were well pleased with the results he has produced over the years with the exception of a couple of periods when everyone experienced negative growth and even a minus growth, but now it is back to around 15.8%.   We talked about what will happen when I croak it and he suggested I write a new Will.  He offered a few suggestions about what could be written into the Will and stressed that the actual will should be kept in a large envelope without any attached note(s) either stapled or held by a paperclip to the original document.   It seems that when the Will is inspected for probate purposes it is scanned under an Ultra-Violet lamp and any evidence of a previous attachment could suggest that some important document had been removed and make the Will suspicious.    Interesting!

I was a little early arriving in Perth City so I did a drive into King’s Park.  The first thing I sought out was the Boab tree.  This tree was trucked down to Perth 3200km from far up North of the State from a place named Warmun.  It was in the path of the construction of the Great Northern Highway and it was gifted to Kings Park by the indigenous people, the Gija.  Not a beautiful tree, but certainly interesting.    It is estimated to be 750 years old and kudos must go to the horticulturists who re-established it in its new surroundings where it has flourished.

Kings Park is a wonderful park of 1003 acres of natural bush and cultivated gardens overlooking Perth City.  A must for any visitor to Perth.

The Boab 

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