Monday, March 25, 2013

Sculpture by the Sea

Early Saturday morning I drove to Cottesloe Beach to take a look at the Sculpture By The Sea ‘installation’ (as the arty folk say).  I thought I would easily get a parking spot, but at 8am it was buzzing and I had to walk some distance from where I left my car.  
I am not big on art, but Joan and I always visited Sculpture by the Sea and I have continued to visit it by myself after her death.  I like the mixture of serious and playful pieces.  There seems to be one vehicle 'inst……..' allowed per year.     Some photos..... 

The only one I think needs an explanation is the Balinese singing windmill installation with one windmill for each of the people killed by Islamic terrorists in Indonesia.   It is probably not PC to name them as Islamic, but that’s what they were/are.

Here is a short Poem written by our neighbour when I was very young.

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Anonymous said...

Kev, great poem, she was very talented.I liked the windmill installations and I liked the photo of the crows. I MISSED THE sculpture show but saw the New York photo exhibition. That was great, Marg