Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ceiling repairs

A few weeks ago my brother Graham’s garage ceiling fell down narrowly missing his Beamer.   I had not heard of this happening before, but when the repairman came he told Graham that it was quite common.  The plasterboard ceiling is  attached to the ceiling joists with daubs of glue and a few screws and if insufficient glue and screws are used the ceiling can be forced loose in high winds.
Last week my garage ceiling almost fell and I have done a repair job on it to save a few dollars.    An older (better) method of fixing ceiling plasterboard was to temporarily set the board in place with some fasteners, climb up into the ceiling space and lag some Sisal/Hemp impregnated with lots of plaster over the ceiling joists to drape down on the plasterboard and make a secure fastening when set.     I tried to buy some Sisal, but the lads at the major hardware store I use had never heard of Sisal or that method....glue they told me was the stuff!  Old method 1 - New method 0.     I still have to fit some cornice which also supports the edge of the sheets of plasterboard.  After Easter I will visit a specialist plaster company and see if they sell Sisal.

                             A car jack and support whilst I made temporary repairs.


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