Thursday, March 21, 2013

Willetton SHS class of 1993

Tomorrow  evening and almost certainly late into tomorrow night, I am attending the Willetton Senior High School class of ’93  20th reunion at a riverside establishment.    This is not my class of ’93; I taught many of the people who will be attending.    I will be the oldest person there at 73 years of age and if it is going to be anything like the 10 year reunion I last attended it will be a blast.  Photos to come.

Willetton Senior High School was quite a wonderful place to teach.  I still have contact with lots of WSHS students and it is going to be great to see this cohort together again. It seems that there are about 80 ex-students attending and three or four teachers. Of course over 20 years this group is spread across Australia and the world.   I am past long drinking and socialising bouts and will probably taxi it home around 10pm.

Here is a pic from the school magazine at the time.  As I was the school photographer, I am not in the pic.

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