Friday, March 15, 2013

Keeping the brain active

I recently supplied a computer to a woman for her daughter’s high school studies. For several days on my kitchen bench, I had given the computer a good run playing music and doing web searches etc.  It was running fine.  A couple of days ago she rang me to tell me it wouldn’t start and that they had been unsuccessful connecting to the wifi modem she had in the house.   I loaded up another machine as a backup, tested it on my modem which is identical to hers and drove to her place, around 40 kilometres from here.  The original computer started up OK and I figured that the power cable had been dislodged.  I could not get a connection by wifi as I believe one of the kids had changed the password.  I brought both machines back home and purchased an ethernet cable and will return this morning to make a wired connection to her modem.  This project can end up costing me.
Every time I think I have had enough of this project (it has been around 12 years now) I get offered some more Macs and I cannot knock them back when I know they would otherwise go to landfill.
This is an Apple eMac.  This model was destined for educational institutions only, hence the 'e' in the name.  It was very popular and was very soon sold to the public. It, like me, is getting a bit old in the tooth. But also like me, still works pretty well.

Driving to her place yesterday I experienced what thousands of daily commuters do....a major traffic jam.  It took me almost an hour to cover the first 12 kilometres.  I will wait until later in the morning when the traffic thins out before heading up to her place again.

Our son Martin is settling into his new job as a maintenance man at a hotel.  The range of repairs and general maintenance is extensive.  He comes home very tired, but satisfied that he is doing well.

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Bernie said...

I think the project you work is great for those with such a need and I am so happy for Martin and for you that all is working out well.
We are having more snow again today and I have the painters in painting downstairs, thought we were heading into Spring time, my bad.....:-)Hugs