Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lance Armstrong

Thanks Lance for alerting us all to the fact that many sports people use performance enhancing drugs. Lance didn’t actually say that, but after all the publicity about LA coming out about his drug use, it would seem that all sorts of sports have had a serious dabble with drugs.  Football, rugby and soccer teams have fessed up.  Next, some disaffected lawn bowls player will blow the whistle on his/her team mates.  We all now know that cycling and horse racing is a bit dodgy and I seriously wonder how anyone could think that Championship Wrestling is real, but football codes being a bit naughty is something else.  What next...cricket?

Here is a pic of  a crow secreting excess food from my back yard in a pencil-pine tree.  He/she will return and consume it at the proper meal time.

I like the internet, but it is a medium open to abuse and untruths.  This story about KFC is so outlandish that it is hard to see how anyone could believe it...but lots of people do. A simple way to recognise a hoax is the line ‘please forward this message to as many people as you can’.     'Snopes' is the premium source to check out and debunk such messages.

Google Snopes and type KFC in the search space.  Worth a read.

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