Tuesday, February 27, 2007


State Parliament today was in uproar over news that yet another government Minister had been exposed as being a little bent and given the bum’s rush from cabinet and the ALP.

The two lobbyists involved in this CCC investigation, Julian Grill and Brian Burke (both ex ALP parliamentarians) have had their phones and rooms bugged by the CCC, providing a wealth of information for the investigation..and all of us. I reckon the CCC should burn a CD of all the conversations and sell it...they would sell like hot cakes!

Will we ever hear how they got in to bug both properties? Grill has a nice little four storey cottage in Subiaco and I reckon it would have a pretty good security system in place.

No doubt there are a few more Nervous Nellies in the government ranks.

Do you notice how there doesn’t seem to be a journalists’ standard for addressing the accused and convicted? Sometimes a mass murderer gets a Mr in front of his moniker and at other times a lad taking a pee down an alley late at night will be referred to by surname only.

‘Mr Jenkins strangled his wife, severed her head and dumped the bits in his wheely bin’


‘Jones was arrested after being seen urinating in an alley near the Metropolis Night Club some time after 1pm.’

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