Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bally Thing!

The last few days have been overcast with threatening dark clouds and a few showers with little rain. My late Mum would have called it ‘Fiss Farting Around’. She didn’t like swearing and would not actually use ‘piss’ in a sentence. In fact both my parents had a variety of alternative nicer words to describe things in a more genteel manner than their children. Dad would curse ‘The bally thing’.
After both our parents passed away we, my brother and I, compiled a few of their well used sayings. I will find them and post them at a later date.

In any case, the weather HAS been fiss-farting around! We need a bloody great downpour.

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You have explained your point well in humorous way and that’s why I love to read your posts and share with other people as well.

Environmental Training said...

I am just waiting for your next blog about the funny stories of your parents. this bally thing says they were really having an interesting personality and the way of sharing their thoughts.

conference alerts said...
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