Thursday, March 1, 2007

Child sponsorship

Yesterday we received an email reminder about our sponsorship of a young lad in Bali. He is in his last year of primary school and we have been sponsoring him for three years now. It sounds like a big deal, but A$100 per year pays his school fees, writing and reading materials etc. Our sponsorship is done through the John Fawcett Foundation and 100% of the $100 goes to the child. It is managed by the foundation and the Head Teacher with the father can draw out approximately $10 per month. We can follow the transactions on the net.

John Fawcett is a Western Australian who has lived for many years in Bali and has devoted his life to helping Balinese on a number of fronts.

A few years ago I was involved in a project sending school materials to a school in the mountainous region of Bali named Bangli. The Bangli area is the third poorest area in Indonesia and is quite close to the Kintimani volcano. My cousin and I rounded up desks, chairs and computers and they were dispatched by sea to Bali. After many glitches with Indonesian Customs and other problems, the gear arrived and we travelled to the school to set up the computers. They were all wired in and we discovered that the power supply was filched from an adjoining building by bare wires and that it was only powerful enough to run one machine at a time. The story of getting adequate power to the school and paying for it is novel-length. Joan and I plan on returning soon to see if the computers are still running and if they need some repairs.

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