Thursday, March 15, 2007

short and not so sweet

I have had a bugger of a day! I am getting short with long time friends...I need to get away for a long time, maybe to walk into danger in Papua New Guinea?

Our son is still bleeding us; not dry, as we still have quite a few bucks and assets left, but his constant demands are a source of frustration at his lack of success career-wise.
I guess we should be doing a Dick Smith and giving away our money before we die to see how it is benefitting our kids. Bugger Dick Smith! He still seems to have a S...load of cash leftover to do what he wants even after being Mr Nice Guy. Bill Gates is in the same boat and his donations of millions of dollars still leaves him pretty flush.

It is a bit frustrating that the loads of cash we spent (lost) on our son would have established and financed a school in an impoverished third world nation.

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marg said...

Kev you've allways been short, thats Ok you dont have to apoligize to your friends you have allways supported us and none of us could do without you. Anyway i'v got a gemstone (rose Quartz) that iof held in the hand withh give you great strength andnot only that I have a tiger,s eye bracelet which will help. marg