Friday, March 16, 2007

Sculpture by the Sea

We took a drive to Cottesloe this morning. We thought we would combine our morning walk with a visit to the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, and that it was less likely to be crowded at 8am on a Friday morning than later in the day or at the weekend.

Well, it probably was, but the place was still very busy. There were quite a few couples and groups of people of about our age who had had the same idea. We wandered around and enjoyed our little excursion. The kiosk wasn't open so we didn't get a brochure to put names to the sculptures. Pity.

I really liked this piece. It was in three parts and we only photographed one section unfortunately. The second part was another couple of dogs sniffing each other and the third was a dog sitting on his haunches and looking at someone on the beach. I am really impressed by how the essence of dog has been evoked with such unlikely materials as carved furniture legs.

Kevin was greatly taken with Nautilus and so was I. I loved the attention to detail that had a chart in French and the books on the shelf with a stamp from the library in Noumea.

These two pieces also took our eyes and we both really liked the fisherman.

Talking it over with Helen this evening when we went there so Kevin could assemble her new barbecue, it appears that we managed to miss a number of pieces that she had really liked - and that she hadn't noticed the dogs at all. Obviously you need to make more than one visit. The exhibition finishes on Sunday but maybe we can get there again.

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