Friday, March 9, 2007

Only because I have to. . .

I don't really have anything nice to say about today. Well maybe a few things!?

Let's see....after spreading some plastic drop sheets over our lawn to spray-paint some lattice for our daughter's wall, I find that a large area of lawn is now dead. Extreme heat and solar burning: bugger!

Joan had a pleasant outing to celebrate International Womens' Day. Going to pick her up I went past our son's address which he shares with a young couple and I saw a police van with two large men in blue on the front porch. What are we to think? Many unanswered phone calls and we decided to front up and see what answer to our door knocks. More worry. We received a call back from our son and it seems that the male partner of the couple has 'shot through' with their child. We should be concerned that a child has been whisked off by her father, but to be perfectly honest we were relieved that our son wasn't carted off in a police van for whatever.

I also had success getting a friend's wife's computer onto the net and setting up her email client through a local area network at their place.

Tomorrow is another day.

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