Thursday, March 29, 2007

We've been Googled

I had a phone call this afternoon from a young lady who introduced herself as Ivona. She is a journalism student at Murdoch University and was researching a local news story on, you guessed it, Bibra Lake. Her story was to be mostly on the plight of the waterbirds at the lake, but she thought it would be good to be able to quote a local on what has happened to the lake.

As it happens she didn't use much of what I said, but you can read her article here.

I think I should point out that although we do indeed go walking every day we certainly don't manage to walk around North Lake, Manning Lake AND Bibra Lake every morning!

I had not thought to google the blog. Might try it in a day or so. Kevin has googled himself before and found lots of references, but he has been sending photos to all sorts of sites for the past three or four years.

Regarding hits on the blog, we are a bit disappointed with the site meter we are using. It is supposed to show the location of people who look at the blog, but we can't seem to find the people we know who do look at it regularly. A friend in Sydney (Hi, Albert) has told us that he is reading it every morning, but we can't find him on the log, nor some of the other friends in Perth who we know read it. How do we know? They usually comment about something we've written.

It's good to know you are not talking to yourself, but we would like the record to be more precise.

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