Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I'm not an eBay freak, but every so often I log in to take a look at what's on offer. I have bought a few things on eBay...a computer, camera lenses and recently a wartime booklet named 'Moresby Mice'. Having lived in Papua New Guinea for almost ten years and having been through Port Moresby quite a few times on leave the booklet looked good. When I first went through Moresby in 1961 there was still much evidence of the conflict there during the war and I have held a keen interest in the Pacific war in and around PNG.
The booklet was advertised as a humorous look at Aussies and Yanks in Papua.

Before bidding I googled Moresby Mice and came up with several copies for sale ranging from A$30 - $50., so I thought I knew what I was after and how much it was worth. I won the auction at A$26.50 and postage made it up to $28.

When the booklet arrived I was a little disappointed. There were, as advertised, 27 pages (including a few blanks front and rear) a chronological list of events of the Kokoda campaign, a few photographs (most without captions) and some very basic full-page cartoons. As a kid I remember Bluey and Curly in the comic strips and recall the great drawing and wonderful humour....not so with Moresby Mice. Two out of Ten!

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