Thursday, March 22, 2007

When I'm 64

Well actually Joan is 65 on 2nd April (better remember that one!) and I am 67. We are quite a way from yearly driving tests, but the last few months have given us a bit of a wake-up call. I was first to have a minor bump by backing into a near-new Honda Odyssey and damaging the Honda front bumper. Fortunately our insurance covered it without too much hassle.

Bingle No.2 was me again in our newish Sonata backing into a mate and crumpling our plastic bumper. Our tame panel beater fixed that up for $200 cash. Then Joan had a go a few days ago with a shopping centre carpark kiss with a towball of another car doing a reversing move in concert with Joan. I decided to repair this minor ding myself and it ended up pretty smooth ready for paint. I ordered a spray can to be made up with the matching paint and went to collect it today.

Just as I was heading out Joan rang to confess to another bumper bash. When she returned home I could see that it was a job for our panel man....his quote, $200 cash which included fixing up my dodgy repair job. These days of filling the fuel tank for $65; $200 for a professional job is nothing.

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