Monday, March 26, 2007

Family Barbecue addition

I forgot one of the dishes at our feast.

On Saturday Kevin bought some WA herring (aka tommy ruff in other States). It was really cheap - $5.50 kilo for whole fish and the fishmonger scales and guts them for free. The idea was to try filleted herring in place of albacore in ceviche.

Ceviche is a family favourite and always appears at family gatherings for Christmas, Easter etc. We acquired the original recipe from an Argentinian family while we were living in Papua New Guinea, but it is Graham who usually makes it these days.

You start with a firm fleshed fish (albacore or Spanish Mackerel is ideal), cut it into strips and place into a bowl. Add shredded fresh ginger and garlic, chopped fresh chillies and sliced spring onions, plus a little salt. Cover with lemon juice and leave for a few hours. The lemon juice coagulates the fish flesh and makes it white and firm (basically the same process and result as applying heat in cooking).

The herring worked quite well, but were a little softer than the usual fish. The advantage of using albacore cutlets is the lack of bones and the ease in removing the skin. Herring fillets require a lot more work.

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