Friday, March 30, 2007

Cracklin' pan

Last December Joan bought a nice new frying pan. Not too expensive, around $50. This morning I washed it and turned it upside down before drying it. My ears picked up a cracking sound and on closer inspection the base of the pan was self-destructing. Minute bits of whatever the base is covered with were exploding and separating from the pan. Joan decided to google the agents and our pan came up with a description and a note that it had a lifetime limited warranty.

I took a digital snap of the cracking and sent it off asking for their advice. In no time at all a reply came back telling me to pack it up and post it to them in Victoria so that they may inspect it.

Imagining that it would cost plenty to send to Kennett's state, I declined and told them we would dump it and buy a different brand. So there!

Actually it still works and I can gently remove any loose material so that it doesn't end up in a stir-fry.

Lifetime warranty! Those warranties are a bit like the 25 year roof painting warranties.

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