Monday, March 19, 2007


These miniature pomegranates grow on a bush just outside our bathroom window. I think they are just ornamental, not edible. We should probably try to find out.

Why? Because a friend has been told that pomegranate juice will help him to fight his cancer. He was buying the juice over the internet at a premium price. Pomegranates have very little juice as I remember from trying to eat them when I was a child.

Pomegranate molasses is a very trendy food at the moment. I bought some to make a Persian dip that I had tasted and really liked. It is based on green olives and walnuts. I did a Google search and found a recipe which I intend to make very soon.

If these pomegranates are not edible I intend to try using them for natural dyeing. I was going to do that last year, but Kevin managed to get rid of them in the bin before I got round to it. They look very attractive now, but are quite ugly when they dry out and split.

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