Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cool down

Who would have thought that we would be dragging out the Ugg Boots and thinking of an electric blanket three days ago? Not me. Actually, I have never purchased a pair of Uggies and have always sneered at people who wear them in public. They do tend to get the heel fold-under and look very redneck. Best worn with a lumberjack checked shirt!
Having said that, I do own a pair, bequeathed by my uncle. He never actually wrote it down in his will, they were just there when he left. I don't wear them away from the house and rip them off when visitors arrive at our door...but they are nice and comfy.

Today, Joan bought an exchange black ink cartridge from Cartridge World. It was cheaper than an original one by $5. One of our best printers is a Canon i560. It is nice to Kev by allowing me to refill each ink container with much cheaper bulk inks. I have been impressed with Canon in that they didn't have coded ink tanks like most of the other manufacturers, but now the new Canon printers all have a chip on the ink cartridge which doesn't allow refilling by amateurs like me. Bugger! I hope our i560 lasts for a long time yet. My cousin's son is a manager of a Cartridge World store in the east and he mentioned a workaround where with swapping around old and new cartridges somehow tricks the codes. I must find out how and write it down for future reference before I loose my mind.

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