Monday, March 12, 2007

A bit of nostalgia

I went to the doctor this morning. Nothing serious, just a checkup on how my carcinoma excision was healing. It finally has - just a few bits of scab left. Six months it has taken. I should be OK to give blood next month.

The doctor's surgery is next door to the house in Bicton we lived in for 28 years. It is now the offices of a real estate agency. I have not been inside since the day we left in November 2003 and I don't really want to see what changes have been made.

However, every time I go to the doctor's I look to see how the trees in the back garden are growing. There is a loquat tree which always bore a lot of fruit, though the rainbow lorikeets used to get most of the fruit. Last year it had a lot of fruit so I guess the birds did well. No fruit now of course.

There is a Tahitian lime which seems to be getting very tall. We used to cut the middle out so it would spread. I couldn't see if it had any fruit on it. They weren't very nice anyway.

We planted bamboo round the swimming pool when we converted it into a water garden and it is growing very tall. Might be taking over a bit. I wouldn't mind a look at the pond and garden, but the fence is too high to peer over. Probably just as well - I wouldn't want to be caught peeking.

I don't miss living in that house though it did have some wonderful architectural features like the carved fireplace in the front room and the original stained glass around the front door.
I think we made the right decision to move. We have everything we want here. Probably the best things are a cul de sac location rather than being on a major highway, a lockup garage instead of parking the cars in the driveway and a great workshop and storeroom. Plus so much less maintenance. A hundred years really makes a difference in that respect. Just ask Kevin.

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