Friday, July 18, 2008

Bye bye Incandescents

The Australian government has decreed that incandescent light bulbs are a no-no and they are soon to be banned from sale. I reckon there will be a bit of panic buying as the deadline nears.

The alternative is to be economical compact fluoro lamps. They produce a cold white light. Maybe if they could make them a bit warmer as they do with some large fluorescent tubes they would be more acceptable. People like us with lots of halogen down lights might have to make regular trips to Bali to buy up the illegal bulbs.
Classy light ??

On lighting, I have spent a bit of time recently restoring three kerosene table lamps. One is an Aladdin made in the USA in 1923 which has a round wick lighting up a silk mantle. It is nickel plated and once held pride of place at my grandparents' farm. A nice piece with a bright white light. Nickel plating saved the work of polishing the brass although most of the classy lamps were of embossed brass. Click on photos to enlarge
The next lamp is a beauty; a Miller, made in the U.S. in 1892. It has a complex wick winder, a highly embossed tank and stand and gives off a nice warm light.

The last of the three is a repro and the brass plating is corroding off in places. Still a nice lamp!

I had to buy expensive parts for the Aladdin and the Miller but it was worth the cost and effort.

Today has been very stormy with lots of damage to houses and trees in the local areas, but our power supply has held. Damn, I was looking forward to reading under a lamp tonight.

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